Dr. Peter Sennhenn (CEO)

trans MedChem Consulting

transMedChem was established 2012 by Dr. Peter Sennhenn, a passionate medicinal chemist, entrepreneur and drug hunter with 30 years of industry experience and expertise in various therapeutic areas and target families.
transMedChem provides drug discovery advisory and leadership along the whole R&D pipeline:
  • Drug Discovery Consulting
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Strategic & Project Lead
  • CRO Allocation
  • Venture Capital


transMedChem offers taylormade solutions based on flexible business models, specifically designed for Academic Institutions, Startups and Biotech Companies to translate and advance innovative targets and ideas into commercial pharma products complying with industry standards.


transMedChem strives to sustainably close the innovation gap between basic research and pharmaceutical industry by translating basic biomedical science into novel medicines.
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